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Help! What engineering to choose?

  1. Mar 23, 2010 #1
    I'm currently stuck, don't know whether I should do mechanical, chemical, or material sci.

    I am quite interested in chemistry, thus chemical/mat sci is possible.
    However, i'm not very interested in the syllabus outline for chem engr. there are stuff like learning abt distillation, and how to operate a life-sized kind of column right?

    Mech engr appeals to me cause of the specialisation, i intend to specialise in design. However, my physics in school is not very good. I got an A in physics for A levels, but i feel that my concepts is still rather weak and i take quite long to grasp concepts in physics, especially for quantam phy. kinematics, dynamics, all these are still alright.

    Pls advise!! i'm certain about engineering, but what to choose!
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  3. Mar 23, 2010 #2
    It doesn't really matter. Presumably the first couple of years will be the same for ALL of them. Get your feet wet and then make your decision. Good Luck! :smile:
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