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Help with asm: include and compilling

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    I just want to know what exactley must I write in the 'include'. Can I just write #include <P16F84A.INC> or must I write the whole directory path of the file?
    And what does it mean when MPASMWIN desplay errors: 7?
    I have even tried downloading programs in .asm for a PIC and compilling it but it still desplay errors: 7
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    For microsoft's assembler (ML or MASM), the syntax is

    include example.inc
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    If you investigate the Help section of MPLAB, you'll find (if you dig deep enough) a list of the error codes generated by the assembler.

    I don't have MPLAB on this pc so I can't help much more than that.
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    The other thing that springs to mind is that there's a load of template files in a subdirectory of MPLAB.

    They're found in a directory something like "C:\MPLAB\template\code"

    If you have a look around using windows explorer, you'll find them.

    There's a template in there that is intended for use with the PIC16F84A... copy that to where ever your work is, & have a good look at it... it should assemble without any errors.
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    You use the INCLUDE keyword and the absolute address of the file or that you want to include for example.

    INCLUDE c:\masm615\include\lib32.inc

    Im assuming that you are using masm.
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    From that f84temp.asm template file I mentioned above:

    Code (Text):

        list      p=16F84             ; list directive to define processor
        #include <p16F84.inc>         ; processor specific variable definitions
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