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Homework Help: Help with beam deflection problem

  1. Sep 17, 2014 #1
    I need help with this beam deflection problem for 1 the book my professor gave me almost everything is hand written including the beam stuff... SO I cant read it at all and its really frustrating trynna do this without being able to read the formulas or anything please helpp!! I attached the problem please link whatever formula you used ty!!

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    What about statics? Was everything in your statics class handwritten by the professor there?

    In all beam problems, you first determine all the forces and moments acting on the beam, and you draw a free body diagram. Try this first, and then we'll see what else you need to know.
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    well I cant even read the top part to determine that where the 240 and 80 are to make the free body diagram. I need that and which formulas from the chart that I cant read
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    Show us your attempt and we'll go from there.

    The first thing you should do is replace the two loads on the upper beam with a single load and moment on the lower beam.

    As always, do free body diagrams.
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    well how do I do the load at the exact point between the 12 and 8? and what formula do I use after that I have the diagram except that value and the chart in my book for which formula I am supposed to use after that is completely unreadable.
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    and that was a screen shot from the book I have no way to take a picture off my paper
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    You have a load of 240 lbs. located 12" from the base of the T. You have another load of 80 lbs. located at 8" from the base of the T. If you wanted to find an equivalent force and couple acting on the beam, with which to replace these two loads acting on the T, how would you do it. Hint: you don't need formulas for this; you should have already learned how to do this in statics class.
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