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Help with degree/career choice

  1. Aug 16, 2014 #1
    Good day to everyone reading this,

    I thought I would know what degree I would want to pursue after high school, however I have not decided what I should do in the future. My interest in science arose a little over an year ago, especially in physics, after I tried amateur karting. Before, I was an above average student in any science, nothing spectacular. Last year, I did a lot better in Physics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry, which reinforced my idea to pursue a career within science. I realised I was interested in pretty much everything that involved Physics and Engineering, but I have narrowed it down to this:

    Basically, it's another scientist or engineer thread.

    What I am interested in: (Not in a set order)
    - Nuclear and Particle Physics
    - Robots
    - Outer space
    - Artificial Intelligence
    - Mechanical Engineering (and its branches)

    Things I want to do: (Not in a set order)
    - Work mostly in R&D
    - Make Drones, Quadcopters, Multirotors
    - Make Space exploration vehicles
    - Contribute to Automation and Physics, if possible
    - Make a stable income

    Bachelor degrees I have considered: (off the top of my head)
    - Mechatronics
    - Aerospace Engineering
    - Robotics
    - Mechanical Engineering
    - Physics
    - Dual Degrees:
    I have seen Robotics and Mechatronics (Would that be worth it?), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and others.

    - I am still in high school, I have one more year to complete.
    - I am still focused on studying for SAT, so I haven't done much research beyond universities and degrees. And my own thoughts.
    - I am looking to do more of applied, than ''pure'' research.

    - Can I do all of the ''Things I want to do'' by getting a bachelor's degree(and eventually a major) in one particular field?
    - What degree of the listed (and others that I did not mention) suits me the best?
    - What bachelor degrees are centered around Nuclear and Particle Physics?
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  3. Aug 17, 2014 #2
    You sound like someone who likes to build things. A degree in computer science, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering will suit you better than a physics degree.

    As a physics major myself, sometimes I envy engineering students because their projects involves building stuff, which can be more fun and fulfilling than doing experiments.
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