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Help with literature essay about the film Thelma and Louise

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    Prompt 3. How do you read the final scene of Thelma and Louise? Is it a fitting conclusion to the film? Does it shed new light on meanings of the road?

    The main topic in the course is road narratives.

    I need feedback for my essay. It's just a 3 page essay. I need also new ideas to finish my paper.

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    First I would need to watch the movie?
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    Yes XD. It looks like It's a pretty famous movie. You should watch it.
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    Yes yes, I know, off topic.

    Thelma and Louise in Saudi Arabia.jpg
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    Re the feminist angle. Is it that different from the endings of Bonnie and Clyde (man and woman) or Butch and Sundance (two men)?
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    Thee cartoon is about about women rights in Saudi Arabia, and that's not the subject of your essay.
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