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PHP Help with php and this part of the code ?

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    Ok here is the code below, I need to know what I need to change in this code for it to be able to be a clickable link... I have many layouts and want to add more but with so many pages, its a bit hard to go through 49 pages just to add one page. I already submitted this problem to web design company but have yet to get any solution. So here is the code. I hope someone can help me!

    <img src="[PLAIN][PLAIN]http://<?php [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken] echo $img_url . "/" . $imgpath . $file; ?>" alt="<?php echo $file; ?>" width="250" ><br>
    <textarea name="textarea2" cols=23 rows=7 onClick="this.focus();this.sel...
    <a href="[PLAIN][PLAIN]http://<?php [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken] echo $site_url; ?>" target="_blank" title="<?php echo $urlpath . $file; ?>">
    <img src="[PLAIN][PLAIN]http://<?php [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken] echo $img_url . "/" . $imgpath . $file; ?>" border="0" alt="<?php echo $urlpath . $file; ?>"></a>
    <?php if ($support_image != "") { ?>
    <img src="[PLAIN][PLAIN]http://<?php [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken] echo $support_image; ?>" alt="Myspace Editors" style="position:absolute; left:0px; top: 0px;" border="0"></a>
    <?php } ?>
    <a href="[PLAIN][PLAIN]http://<?php [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken][/PLAIN] [Broken] echo $site_url; ?>/" target="_blank" title="Myspace Images">This image is from <?php echo $site_name; ?></a></center></textarea>
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    If possible post the html generated by your php page, or a link. I see multiple links, invalid HTML (i.e. this.sel...) and only a sub portion of the HTML document, etc.
    All of this makes your question fairly ambiguous. Why don't you provide as much information as you can, it's very frustrating otherwise.
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