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Help with physics of my Magnet Motor

  1. Apr 12, 2013 #1
    The Idea

    The idea is similar to a pendulum in motion. I noticed that it was possible to shift the weight towards a single direction causing an immediate force, which equalized over time. I figured I could use magnets to simulate a pendulum and also reset to the starting state using both magnetic attraction and repulsion.

    Here is the concept: http://imgur.com/pK3UHhj

    The Math Problem

    There are 4 objects that have dynamic forces being applied. We'll call the objects Weight Magnet (W), Rebound Magnet (R), Electro Magnet (E), and Body (B). The Rebound and Electro are welded to the Body, so any forces must act on the combined mass of the three objects. The W and R magnets are static in strength, and the (E)lectromagnet can be scaled to any strength.

    Here are all the variables:

    • Mass - W, R, E, B
    • Static Magnet Strength - W, R
    • Electromagnet Strength - E
    • Distance between - W and R, W and E
    • Oscillation Frequency - E
    • Time - W
    • Force - W, R, E, B

    The pseudo simulation with looping Time period [1,9]:

    • Time(1) -- E repels W, outward force applied to E and W
    • Time(2) -- W force at 90%
    • Time(3) -- W force at 50%
    • Time(4) -- W force at 10%
    • Time(5) -- R repels W, outward force applied to R and W
    • Time(7) -- W force at 80%
    • Time(8) -- E attracts W, inward force applied to E and W
    • Time(9) -- W at distance=0 with E

    I would really like to map out the simulation with math more accurately, and am quite unsure where to begin. What confuses me is the N-body problem of magnetic forces being applied at all times at dynamic distances. Any help with the math would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Electromagnetic vibrators are already common components in cellular telephones and adult toys for women. What is the point of this device?
  4. Apr 13, 2013 #3
    Propulsion. The hypothesis is that if the motor equalizes forces over time instead of instantly, it can provide thrust.

    The concept came from this pendulum motor:

    Here is a figure of the forces: http://i.imgur.com/YTa0ST8.jpg
    At t=1, C will repel B towards A.
    At t=5, A will repel B back to C.
    At t=7, C will attract B

    I'm not a physicist, so I need help in figuring out the math to evaluate if there is the slightest thrust in any direction.
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