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I Help with Python modelling of a particle in a 2D box

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    Hello guys, I programmed a physics simulation where a particle with some initial conditions bounces off the walls of a 2d container. The simulation also includes gravity in the y-coordinates. The aim of the project is to produce a visual animation and further on include more particles and collitions between them. So far, I have managed to create a list for each coordinate (x and y) and their velocities plus another list for time. In addition, I have plotted with the aid of matplotlib two graphs, a y-time graph and a "y velocity"-time graph. Both graphs seem to be correct and very accurate. Now I am stuck with how to produce the animation... Any ideas :P ?

    -Thanks in advance!!!!
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    If you can make a numbered sequence of image files, you can use ImageJ to convert it to an animation.
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