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Hertzian dipole generating EM Waves.

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    Hi, in my notes for the Hertzian Dipole I have a derivation of the vector potential A, and the scalar potential (phi). However, i'm missing the derivation of the E and B fields from these potentials. It seems that only the theta component of the E field exists, and I have ... well, I can't write it out because I don't how to use the webcode to equations... but it has omega, I0 (current), sin(theta), and another sine term, but with an argument that is omega x the retarded time.

    Anyone got any clues? Or even an idea of what I'm trying to say? (I realise the question is a little sketchy)
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    hi, polystethylene:
    Here is something you need: please read the weblink first; if you still have problem, please contact me! :smile:http://www.ece.rutgers.edu/~orfanidi/ewa/ch15.pdf" [Broken]
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    If you've got the vector potential, take the curl to get the magnetic field? I don't see where the problem is.
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