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Hesitant, Confused, and Desprate

  1. Jan 6, 2010 #1
    Hi Guys,

    I really wish that you help me in my problems, cause I cant take the mental torture anymore.

    I just graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. The job market doesnt look good and the crisis took its

    toll on all of us recent graduates "lucky us".

    To be honest, I still cant feel the happy feelings, the excitment, and all that rush of finishing one of the

    toughest degrees in education.

    One problem may be the lack of a job.

    The second is that, I am not sure of whether Elecrical Engineering is what I love, or not.

    I really enjoy some fields in electrical engineering, which is communication and pattern recognition, and hated

    others, like Power.

    However, others say that you need to FALL IN LOVE with the field you should major in. One even said, it should make you stay up all night, thinking about it, dreaming of it. The thing is, I dont feel that much love towards communication and pattern. It certianley does not make me stay up all night. It is intersting, yes, but not to the extent, for me at least.

    I am intreeged by philosophy and phsycology, and entruprenship, but I dont think that, when studying those, that i will find a lot of job opprtunities. Many warn of choosing something you dont absolutley love, but in my case, I am not sure, espicalley that it would be too late to change the majors now, I already spent 4 years and a half studying EE, I devloped the marks under my eyes from sleepless nights and started to attend meetings where the ice breaker is "Hi, I am hashmos, and I am a coffee addict".

    I want a presitgiuose job, with good pay, doing something I am intersted in. From your experinces, shall I persue another major in the Masters degree, or do I stick to Electrical Engineering ???
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    I'm kind of in the same boat as you; by the time I realized I hates my degree I was almost done with it. Most people aren't in love with their major, so it's not a requirement. It makes school a bit easier, but as long as there are some bits of the major that you like, you're fine. Hating every single bit of it is bad, but you're not in that boat.

    The great part about a masters is that you can specialize, so you often don't need to take those icky power courses if you don't want to. There are many fewer required courses, and those tend to be more of the math and techniques you need to understand the courses in the concentration of your choosing. The phd will sometimes require you to take more of a selection of courses, but that really depends on how the school structures their program.

    Neuropsych programs would love you, though those jobs are mostly research. On the practical side, you can get an MBA or an engineering masters focused on management. There are always jobs, you've just gotta know how to find 'em.
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    hasmos: out of curiosity, where are you located such that "job market doesnt look good and the crisis took its toll on all of us recent graduates "?
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    Middle East, UAE ( Dubai should be easier to recognize )

    and when I said no jobs opprtunities, place emphasis on pshycology and philosophy.
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