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Hey guys, I'm just here to see if anyone can help me

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    I've just started my accelerated physics course and am looking for a tutor-like mentor. I am working on my pre-med degree, while working in the medical field. 18 units this semester doesn't leave me much time to meet with tutors. Let me know if I can bug any of you with my Physics I homework assignments, because my professor doesn't use the book, I just have to teach myself everything. I don't want to sound desperate, but any help is greatly appreciated.
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    You can't solicit tutors here, but you will find our Homework Help forums very useful. Be sure to review the PF rules under INFO at the top of the page, especially how the Homework Help forums are run. Be sure to use the Homework Help Template when you post a thread in the schoolwork forums, and show as much of your work as you can. :smile:
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