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Hey Janus, where did you get the NASA patches from?

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    It mostly concerns Janus, as I remember he submitted a picture of NASA spsace mission patches somewhere to the contest, but anyone who knows would be divine as well. [comments welcome as well]

    How do you get the patches? (Here some other well known questions.)

    I received a mail ad to buy these patches for 4.95 + album free, and hear this: they'll let you take a look at a patch, and even hold in your hand for... Free! (it really says so).

    But of course you guys know... money can't buy everything. I don't want to pay and then boast my collection, I'd like to collect them, not buy.

    Any ideas?

    // BTW, did NASA release a patch also for 2006's space launch?
    // also, how are patches made? Have you ever made your own?
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    Most of mine were mail order. The Viking Mission patch I picked up at a Science Fiction Convention in 1980 call "Vikingcon". It was convention run in order to raise money to keep the Mars Viking landers operating.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I only have one patch but it's a pretty good one.

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