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Hi :D

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    Sup guys and gals! Just another seventeen year old physics amateur passing by. People call me a scrub, but one day I shall be the hokage/top Pokemon trainer or whatever is equivalent in the field of physics. (Datte Bayo!)
    Things I love: Eureka moments, success after persistence, understanding the basic underlying principles of the universe (and the human body but that's a whole diff ball game), Drawing, Reading comics, watching Sherlock (gahd 2016 is too far away) and the Flash and Daredevil (fingers crossed for s2!), chilling out with games like Fez, super meat boy, borderlands 2 aaaand fufu.
    Things I hate: Being stuck on a problem, being stuck on a level in a game, being stuck in my forever uphill battle of life, staying away from the people I love
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    Welcome to PF!
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