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Hi do u know anything about fermi zones?

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    Hi do u know anything about fermi zones? I need some good articles to read about...
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    Brillouin zone is the same as "fermi zones"? Really? Why would Fermi's name be associated with this anyway? It has nothing to do with fermions, whereas Brillouin zones are the reciprocal lattice spaces.

    I have never heard of "fermi zones". The OP didn't cite where such a thing came from.

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    Oh no, that was Fermi Levels, not Fermi Zones. I think maybe you have them mixed up. Its a Fermi Level, and a Brillouin zone
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    So whats correct of ypur posts and what should i read?
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    Hello, I look at two books in solid state physics one is Kittel and other Mayer, as well as the internet. Unfortunately, I didn't find any separate word such as (Fermi Zone). I think this is only a level and zone is defined by Brillouin and Fermi is the level which will be define by its spin. However, it will be a good idea if you look at Introduction to Solid State Physics C.KITTEL.
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