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Hi I'm New To All This

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    Hello I'm in ninth grade and this is the first time I take physics I wasn't doing well at first but now I really like it and I want to major in physics in university. I have an 18/20 in physics and 19/20 in maths is that good for my class or should I be doing better to study physics in university? Is it hard to double major in physics and Mechanical Engineering?
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    So far as I can tell, you're getting really good grades in both classes (>90%), so I think you're stressing out for no good reason. Depends on your country of origin and where you want to apply and all that (always useful info), but as long as you keep your work up you should be fine.

    So lots of people minor in physics while majoring in Mech E. Majoring is only difficult 'cause it'll probably add about a year to your degree 'cause ME is far too packed to let you just pick up spare physics courses over the years.
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    I live in Lebanon it's a small country and you probably haven't heard of it (few people outside the middle east have) I want to apply to Caltech, UCLA, Berkeley, And Northeastern.
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