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Hi people

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    It's been a while, hasn't it. Life rolls about, priorities alter, sometimes I feel as though I'm accomplishing something aside from absolute decadence, and as a byproduct of all this, I stray from some truly formative sources like PF.

    I miss a lot of you, and what I remember this forum as -- though I'm no authority on any recent changes as I simply haven't been here.

    To anyone who remembers my stupidity, please say hello, but above all: who is the notable member who had a Samuel Johnson quote as his signature? Great quote, though he hinted towards the misogyny of Johnson. I recently read a thesis from U Maryland - College Park (maybe coincidentally a pretty good school for physics), and thought he should read it, as it challenges the orthodoxy of Johnson's beliefs towards women. It's not fun being misunderstood, presumably more so when we're not around to defend ourselves.
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    Welcome back to the fold. You talk like you've just turned 50 and realize how much life has passed you by but that can't be until another 30 years or so right?
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    lol yeah, the age I have here is correct. It's only that it's been over a year since I've posted, and before that is was sparse; I'd rather not just start posting normally again without a formal "how're ya doin?".

    And thanks for the welcome-back :smile:
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