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HIGH o/p dual power amplifier ( HELP )

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    HIGH o/p dual power amplifier (!!! HELP !!!)

    i have attached the cct diagram i found about this IC BA5417
    it is a power amplifier

    as one can see pins 11 & 12 are input but how exactly does on give this input
    i plan to give input from my discman so there will be one ground wire and the two audio channels , where exactly do these three wires need to go
    also how can i introduce volume control to the cct.

    lastly the datasheet of the IC is at :


    i just cant figure out what current will be needed i plan to supply 12 V (from 8 AA battery) but how much current??

    Just for background this amplifier will give output to a speaker the whole project is for making a portable speker for my discman

    PLEASE HELP :confused::uhh:

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    Bit of a find this, might get one myself.

    The left and right channels go to pins 11 and 12 as you say. The third will connect to the grounds on 10 and 13.

    Don't need to worry about current if you're staying within the voltages limits. Just connect straight to it. But also add a cap to the supply pins to protect it from switching transients.
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    In order to find the amount of current required you should use ohms law. Ohms law states that I (current) X Resistance (ohms) = Voltage. You know that you are going to be using 12 Volts. I assume that you are going to be using 4 ohm speakers. If you use two of them, that will be 8 ohms. Which equals 1.5 amps. There are other considerations also. If you were to be using purely resistive parts instead of speakers, which have an AC component and therefore an inductive reactance, 1.5 amps would be the case for the speakers only and not including the circuity. But the answer to your question of how much current is that unless you use large speakers, 8 AA batteries should be enough. As for your question of volume control, doesn't your discman have volume control?
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