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High-power electricity through Salt Water

  1. Oct 6, 2008 #1
    Hello all,

    How strong a current can I move though water?
    Googling I have found only conductivity of salt water, but what is water's impedance?

    Can I create 1 ms pulse of 500 volts and 1 A using salt water?

    I want to use salt water as electrodes:
    two metal electrodes submerged in two different salt water "bags", connected by some type of bio-metrial.

    Any1 has information that might suggest it will work or fail?

    Thanks alot
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    Ultrapure water specific resistance is 18 MΩcm, so you can assume it is a perfect insulator. Conductance is due to solved ions only and depends on their concentration.
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    That's way I am talking of salt water. which has about 5 s/m.
    But what about inductance and capticence?

    and how does the impedance change at high freuqency?

    Also, the issue is how FAST does ionic current can work?
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    Honestly, these things are addressed in any serious electrochemistry textbook. Check for example Electrochemistry by Jiri Koryta, Jiri Dvórák and Vlasta Bohácková.
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