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High School Age 14 subject options

  1. Feb 5, 2016 #1
    Hello, I urgently need advice on what options are best for a future career in (i) science (ii) a job unrelated to science. What options will open more doors into employment + offer more university degree courses

    Combination of options are:

    1. Physics + food technology (cookery) + design technology (making stuff)


    2. Geography + food technology (cookery) + design technology (making stuff)


    3. Physics + Geography + design technology (making stuff)

    All combinations will include chemistry biology and maths.

    My son says he wants to be an entrepreneur/businessman ..... though he doesn't know in what field.

    Thanks. deadline for submission 2 weeks
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    Please advise why. My son is sitting next to me huffing and puffing. He wants to do option 2
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    Unless your son wants to pursue a career specifically in the food industry the food technology option is of little value so that eliminates groups 1 and 2 .

    Group 3 has mostly science and technology content which would be useful for pursuing any further education and career in these subjects . Geography is a good general knowledge subject with some science content .
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    I can see OPTION 3 is the best but maybe i should be asking is OPTION 2 really that bad (considering that maths chemistry and biology will be studied)?

    OPTION 2: Geography + food technology (cookery) + design technology (making stuff)
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    You sound like you've already made up your mind, just tell your son to take what he wants to take if you feel that strongly about option 2
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    Option 3 is the best option, Option 2 is the worst option. If you want to go into science, then physics will be more useful than geography.
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