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His mom frequently sends him home-cooked food through some bus

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    My cousin studies in a town located at almost three hours drive from his home. His mom frequently sends him home-cooked food through some bus service which runs between the towns. She places the food in a food container. In summer, she first freezes the food then places it in the container. But the bus staff is careless in handling of such food delivery because it's not part of their business and as a result the food starts de-freezing before reaching the destination. It spoils the quality and flavor of the food. Do you have any better idea which can help her? Isn't using a 'hot pot, a good idea?
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    Maybe it's time he learns how to cook :tongue2:
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    Throw a "cold-pack" in with the food.
    Otherwise, send him non-refrigerated pizza. You can nuke that a dozen times and it still tastes like new.
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    buy one of those mini styrofoam coolers from the dollar store and a package of gallon sized ziplock bags. The coolers are cheap, light, and disposable. pack the ziplock bag with ice and put everything in the cooler. could use freezer pack as someone else mentioned or even dry ice if you want it really cold.
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