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Homework Help for CSI 101

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    Hey I need a lot of help with this homework assignment. I really have no idea of what to do. Please help me!

    Write the command button Click event procedure from Homework #7 using classes. You should define the class, then write the code contained in the Click event that would use the class.

    As a reminder, Homework #7 read four integers from text boxes, calculated the average and maximum value, and placed them into text boxes. Your code will do that again, but use a class. Your class will contain four integers as member data. The data must obtain the values in the text boxes, so you will need a constructor or SET function. You’ll also need two method functions, one that returns the average and one that returns the maximum value. Clearly, neither of those will require arguments.

    You can create this code in Visual Studio or .NET Framework if you wish, but it isn’t necessary. I only need the code, you do not need to recreate the form.

    Homework #7

    'This is the code to be placed within the _Click() event of the button labeled START

    'Declarations. These are needed, as you DO NOT receive any data from the arguments.
    ' The arguments to the Click event are set by Visual Studio options. Adding any to
    ' the function declaration simply means that you receive 0 values for the other arguments
    Dim A As Integer, B As Integer, C As Integer, D As Integer 'The 4 integers
    Dim Average As Decimal 'Must be decimal, as we want decimal places
    Dim Max As Integer

    'Obtain the 4 integers. Remember to convert them, as Text boxes hold Strings
    A = CInt(txtNum1.Text) 'The Text property of a text box holds its value
    B = CInt(txtNum2.Text)
    C = CInt(txtNum3.Text)
    D = CInt(txtNum4.Text)

    Average = (A+B+C+D)/4
    txtAverage.Text = Format(Average,”##0.00”) 'Format function isn't necessary.
    'Could have used CStr function instead
    'Didn't have to convert here, as Visual Studio does it for you, but it's best not
    ' to get comfortable with that. Not all compilers will automatically do that.

    'Find maximum. Here I use a running max. I set the first number to max. I then compare
    ' each successive number. If the number is greater is max, I set max equal to the larger
    ' number. At the end, Max holds the highest value
    Max = A
    If B > Max Then Max = B
    If C > Max Then Max = C
    If D > Max Then Max = D

    txtMax.Text = Cstr(Max)

    Me.Refresh 'Necessary to immediate see changes to output boxes

    Please Help Me! Thank you.
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