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Homework Help: Homogeneization of physic formula of electromagnetic field and velocity

  1. May 8, 2009 #1
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= I have a little problem with a formula, that I think it's not ok. It gives to me the result of units of electric potential ([tex]\vec A [/tex]) and velocity [tex]\vec v [/tex]. The result seems to be volts per velocity, and I don't know it there exists this unit, or is a mistake.

    In other hand, when i try to develope the units of the magnetic field, if i use [tex]\vec v X \nabla X \vec A [/tex] it gives to me units of diference of potential per unit of time:

    [tex]\frac {[L]}{[T} \frac {1}{[L]} \frac {[L]}{[T]} = /[T][/tex]

    and using tesla x velocity, it gives different result:
    [tex]\frac {[L][M]}{[T]^3 } [/tex]

    I don't know what I'm not doing correctly. Could you give me a little help?

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
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  3. May 9, 2009 #2
    Maybe the problem is that I must utilize power ecuations... like UI and FV. The problem now is that I have an equation that has UIFV, with dimensions of power^2...
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    I don't understand what you did here. Okay, I see that
    v → L/T
    del operator → 1/L
    but why do you say
    A → L/T ???​
    A has units of Tesla·m, not m/s as you are implying.

    This is correct.

    See above; it looks like you incorrectly equated A with a velocity.
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