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I How Bright Would the Milky Way Look If It Had No Dust?

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    Interstellar dust prevents us from seeing most of the light of the Milky Way. Does anyone know how bright it would look if it had no dust at all? As it is, the Milky Way is impossible to see from cities and many suburbs, but how would the situation improve if there were no dust between the stars?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Not to make problems for you, but cut and paste your title into a search engine and see if that does'nt wok for you. I just tried it, and it seemed okay to me.

    With regard to urban light pollution (what you described) you cannot make blanket statements about brightness of astronomical objects with any great certainty.
    Why? It depends on the type of street lighting, nearby parking lots and so on. Example: Some urban neighborhoods in Santa Fe have covenants about outdoor lighting, which improves things a lot, IMO.

    PF not a very good replacement for Google searches, anyhow.
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