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How can I wire together two sets of computer sound systems?

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    I want to purchase the Logitech z623 and add to it two creative inspire M2600 speakers (only the speakers, not the sub-woofer). The reason for doing this is because the Logitech system sounds really nice, it has an amazing bass, but mids and highs are not the best and I wish they was as clear as the creative speakers. I was looking for a process in which I would have to splice the creative speaker wires and attached them to the Logitech speakers. I am looking for advice on how to achieve this and perhaps it may not be convenient but I would like to hear your advice/feedback, thank you!
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    Rather than splicing wires, you might just plug a 3.5 mm splitter into the audio jack on your computer:

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    Most computers nowadays have 5.1 sound outputs, which means that you have separate outputs for the front and rear speakers. Why not connect the better-sounding pair to the front speaker output and the other to the rear speaker output?
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    I think you are pretty much out of luck unless you really gut the system, AND you are lucky.

    Looking at the z623 design, it looks like the controls are in 1 of the satellite speaker cabinets, so you will need to go inside the cabinet to access the speaker wires.
    This is assuming that the crossovers and amplifiers are in the subwoofer enclosure. And, that the other satellite is just a speaker.
    I wouldn't try cutting into the cables since you don't know which wire is which, and because the cables will be made of the thinnest most fragile copper wires imaginable.

    The acoustic design, crossover, driver design, etc etc are all contributing to the overall sound. There is little chance you could swap drivers (the speaker itself) and achieve the same sound as the creative. The creative speakers are likely full range speakers, and will sound completely different when driven by the logitech satellite amps.

    You can try opening the satellite cabinets, disconnecting the wires from the speakers, and running wire to the speakers in the creative cabinets. But there are all sorts of things that might be different, like speaker impedance, etc.

    You can also try opening the subwoofer (usually very difficult) and grabbing the speaker amp outputs and running wires to the creative speakers. But you still need the logitech satellite as a volume/etc control.

    Probably the best you will get is a splitter to drive both systems, and go into the logitech and disconnect the speakers.

    If the logitech had a puck for volume control (rather than in 1 of the satellites), you could just disconnect the satellites and only run the subwoofer.
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    thank you everybody for your input. fzero, indeed that seems to be the best option. svein, I didn't think of that before, but it seems to be a good idea as well, thanks!
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    Thank you for your detailed explanation meBigGuy, you are correct, the sound will be manipulated by Logitech and it will not be the same as the the original sound I expected, besides the fact that it will be difficult. I appreciate your feedback, I think I will end up following svein's advice and use the different outputs in the back of the computer to connect both sound systems, thanks!
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    I was suggesting you do what svein suggested, and also disconnect the speakers inside the logitec. Then the logitec satellite with the volume control becomes the subwoofer volume.

    If you run both systems you will get very bothersome phasing effects due to the cancellation between speakers. Sound travels at 1ms/foot, so when 1 foot apart 500Hz and its odd harmonics will cancel. Its actually more complicated than that in that it depends on the path length differences to your ear. As you move around you will get standing wave effects.
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    Ok, i understand what you mean. Initially the idea was to have all four connected next to each other facing the same direction and having the bass of the logitech working, but considering your perspective about sound waves traveling and canceling each other, it seems more reasonable to have only one set of speakers. Either way, I will try opening the logitech satellite and disabling the speakers and I will try all four at the same time and see what happens, thank you very much for your assistance, i really appreciate it, have a nice day!
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