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How can light have no mass?

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    Ive been looking at the E = mc2 explained on youtube and apparently light has no mass how can it have no mass but you you can feel heat on your skin from light
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    Why should feeling heat imply mass? That logic doesnt follow.

    The equation you posted is for a massive particle at rest. Look up the full version of the equation for a clue on how to apply it to light.
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    E = mc2 applies only to things that have mass when they are at rest - and light is always moving with speed c, never at rest, so the equation doesn't apply. Instead, we have to use the more general equation:
    [tex]E^2 = (m_{0}c^2)^2 + (pc)^2

    Here p is the momentum and [itex]m_0[/itex] is the "rest mass" of the object; when people say that light has no mass they mean that its rest mass is zero. Light does however carry momentum (p is non-zero) so there's still some energy to warm your skin.
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    Thanks nugatory
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