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How can ZnO be well-dispersed in Poly(MMA-co-AA) in IPA solvent ?

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    First, using Isopropyl alcohol as the solvent, I synthesized the copolymer by Methyl methacrylate and Acrylic acid.

    After copolymerization, at 70 C-degree, the copolymer dissolved into IPA. Afterward, I added ZnO powder into the solution with vigorous agitation. While the system got back to room-temp, I had ZnO/Poly(MMA-co-AA) composite precipitated at bottom.

    The problem is ~ ZnO particles couldn't well-dispersed in copolymer <the ZnO/Poly(MMA-co-AA) composite wasn't transparent, and ZnO particle size was around 80 nm.>

    It seemed that ZnO doesn't disperse in IPA, so I couldn't make ZnO well-dispersed into copolymer at blending process, while copolymer and IPA were totally transparent solution at 70C.

    So, how can I make ZnO well-dispersed in copolymer by blending ? Change the solvent from IPA ?! (but the solvent chosen has to be suitable for the copolymerization of MMA & AA.)
    Or, get ZnO surface modified ?!

    this my headache ~ thanks anyway !!
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    Was the ZnO powder you used a nano-sized zinc oxide? You should formulate the nano ZnO in an alcoholic solvent prior to blending it with the copolymer. I have seen totally clear dispersions of ZnO in ethanol at loadings of 20%.
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    l'm new in this forum..........
    how about u treat ur znO with something, which it can bridge ur polymer coil..
    iby using suspension reaction.......
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