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Programs How Competitive is Admissions to UCSB CCS Physics Program?

  1. May 12, 2016 #1
    Do many people apply? Is there something separate one must do beyond gaining acceptance into UCSB's general college? Lastly, what is it like studying there? Thanks!!!
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    Hello Sigma Freud,
    Seeing as no one else is responding here's my $0.02
    I applied and was accepted to CCS but did not end up going. Regarding the application, yes there is a separate one. Most of the information you need to know can be easily found by a quick google. I think they redid their website a couple of years ago around the time I was applying and the process should be clearer now.

    I do not think they released any statistics on applicant numbers or acceptance rate but as a rough guide it's about "as hard" to get in as say UC Berkeley.
    Also note that the CCS application is subject-specific and it is more competitive for subjects UCSB is strong in (or so I have heard).
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