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How crystal + electricity works together

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    hey everyone im new to the site an new to physics ( bare with me if im not as smart as some ) , =)

    ok, i have this friend who is world widly known for his work, but cut this short, he uses electricity an crystal an can do some out of the ordinary stuff with this he has been in numerous projects with the government for his work,

    he will not tell me how any of this works, but i have been researching in the area's he has worked an all i can figure out is there is numerous crystal's an amplifies recievers an electrical equepment,

    so if anyone could help me out with understanding how crystal + electricity works together, an what u can acheive with this be much apprecaited
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    Re: Crystals

    My money is on your friend being full of crap.

    But as far as real ways to interface electricity and crystals, you have diode junctions, piezoelectric effect, Faraday effect, and Stark effect. Look these up, and you should have a pretty good idea of things you can do with real crystals and electricity. Some of these are fairly amazing, but they are already used in everyday electronics, so it's nothing out of the ordinary.
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    Re: Crystals

    thankx for ur in put i have came across piezoelectric effect, am have been looking into that, my friend isnt full of ****, he has lists of qulifications, havard phd professor, an worked at montauk.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Re: Crystals

    "I know a guy whose name I am not going to tell you who can do some things with electricity and crystals that I am not going tell you either; he won't tell me how whatever this that I am not going to tell you is works - please tell me" does not meet the standards of this forum.

    We need some facts and some detail in the very next message, or this thread will be closed.
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