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How do Cesium gas atoms demagnetise

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    Hello guys :),

    if we magnetise Cs atoms with a magnetic field (or basically any other method like pumping), and got all the spins (moments) aligned in 1 direction, and then turn the cause of the alignment off, how will the decay profile look like? is it gonna be a clean exponential decay? what are the equations governing this behavior?

    I don't really know where to start with the answer to this.

    I would appreciate an answer, reference, essay, article, book, or whatever kind of help you may provide me :-)

    Thank you for any efforts :-)
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    You should probably try to find a book about NMR.
    In the "classical" equations for this you end up with two time constants (T1 and T2) which govern the relaxation and the dephasing.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    Could you please mention some specific book?
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