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How do conduction tobacco vaporizers create heat?

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    My friend and I were planning on possibly developing our own tobacco vaporizer, but we lack the electrical engineering knowledge. We know they are simple devices with few parts, (a battery usually being the largest one) and we just were not sure how exactly the electrical energy was transferred into thermal energy. I read that resistors create heat when electricity runs through them, but we aren't sure if that is how the vaporizers work. Thanks!
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    What reading and research have you been doing so far? I'd imagine that the vaporization process has some fairly tight control of the vaporization temperature, since the resulting vapor is inhaled by people. It seems like if the heating were too high or too low, there could be some issues with byproducts or other things that could cause extra health problems.

    Please do some reading and post links to what you have found. Thank you.
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    Do you mean a vaping device? If so, the fluid enters a wick inside which is a coil of resistive wire, such as Kanthal wire. The battery simply heats this coil, which vapourises the fluid.

    Some of the more complex devices have control circuitry to prevent too long an 'on' time, and others give the option of either bucking or boosting the lithium battery voltage to give more or less energy to the coil. The user operates buttons and the wattage required is dialled up on an OLED screen, alongside battery capacity and coil resistance meters. A charge-control board and lithium battery completes the device.
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