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How Energy Is Spread In An Electric Kiln

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    Heat from the coiled wire is transferred in three possible ways: conduction (through physical contact of the heating element and the material being heated); convection (through the air movement in the kiln); and by radiation (directly from the elements to the material being heated).

    It seems to me that at some point the flux of thermal energy flowing from the resistors will become almost constant. But this thermal energy keeps accumulating in the air, in the walls and other objects inside the kiln and, as consequence, the temperature will keep increasing until the the heating elements melts down if a controller does not intervine or nobody turn the swtch off.

    Is my view on this heating process correct ?
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    You also have thermal energy leaving the outside of the body of the kiln. If those heat losses reach the thermal input of the heating element before it melts you will also get to a steady state. Unless specifically stated in the manual for the device I would not rely on it for safety purposes.

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