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B How do I calculate the apogee of a rocket before launch?

  1. May 8, 2016 #1
    Is there any equation in order to know how high my rocket will go, before launching it? I suppose that if there is any, it will not take into account air drag and others, and there is no need for that. I just one to know an approximate, I am making a summer project with some friends and we had this question. Thanks in advance.
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    There is not a simple equation, because the answer depends on many factors, ignoring air drag is not a reasonable assumption, and one needs to know the thrust curve also.

    Do a search for

    online model rocket height calculator
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    Complex equation? I wanted to present this project to a local organisation and the demonstration of the process had to be shown and we would like to have these sort of calculations done on our own...
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    Yes, but you have to know your rocket. In general, you can model the flight with a differential equation, solve that (worst case: numerically), and then find the maximal height.
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