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How do i choose the right ac or dc motor

  1. Jul 8, 2012 #1
    I'm building a wire strippers by cutting a hole in a piece of 2x4 which has a blade on the bottom of the hole. I want to use a motor to pull the wire threw by using a motor a gear and a strip of metal. The strip of metal clamps the wire down on the gear which is turned by the motor. I was wondering what type of motor do i want to use to pull the wire threw? I was thinking of using a ace 120v ac vacuum motor but don't know if it is the correct type of motor to use.
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    Think about the speed (in meters per second) you want the wire to got at. Divide that by the circumference of the gear (in meters) and multiply by 60. The answer is the rpm you need. Look up the RPM in the spec for the motor.

    Measure the force (in newtons) required to pull the wire through at that speed. Multiply by the radius of the gear (in meters) to get the Torque (in Newton Meters). Check the RPM vs Torque curve on the motor spec to confirm the RPM is still ok at that torque.

    Multiply the RPM by 0.105 to get the angular velocity (in Radians per Second). Multiply that by the torque to get the power needed in Watts. Look that up on the motor spec.

    I suspect many motors will go too fast for what you want.

    If you are trying to reclaim the copper from scrap wire then I think most people burn it off :-(
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    Can't burn it off because i live in town. It is bad for the ozone and if caught doing so you will be charged a good size fine for doing so.I have been told that you will be docked you if you scorch the wire.
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    If you are trying to reclaim the copper from scrap wire then I think most people burn it off :-(
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