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I want to replace an AC motor with a DC motor

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    Ac motor is 1.12 amp 3000 rpm 60 Hz 1/30 Hp sealed ball bearing. I want to use a 12 V dc motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Welcome to PF!

    You didn't ask any questions; What, exactly, do you need help with?
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    That might be harder to find than you think unless things like Minimum torque, same RPM and low current are not important. Just looking at V and I you have 120V and 1.12A or 134W, a 12V motor would need over 11A for the same power. However, you are probably not using it at full load, so it might work, you didn't say enough.

    Aside from the mechanical requirements, all you should need is a 12V power supply.
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    I agree. 11A is nothing to sneeze at but certainly easily manageable. Just watch your wire size and you should be fine.

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    I want to run my rock tumbler with solar panels and a battery bank. I don"t want to use an inverter. I am using 8 awg. wire and the longest run is 35' from the panels to the controller.
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    Thank you for the fast response.
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    you are going to get significant voltage drop over that length of cable

    what will be the loaded output voltage of the panel(s) ? ... and note that the stated panel voltage is usually an open circuit voltage
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    I am using 2 160 watt solar panels
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    That didn't answer my questions
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