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How do i connect this V-I converter up

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    Hi all,

    I need to have an AC current source for testing but i do not have any equipment that can generate an AC current source. I have a function generator to produce an AC sine voltage and thinking to convert V to I using the transconductance op amp.

    The first stage of my test circuit consists of an tranimpedance amplifier with other stages at the back and how can i connect V to I and I to V up? (Ciruit as attached)

    Is there any other suggestion for the conversion of the AC voltage source to AC current souce from function generator?

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    You could just use a resistor to convert your voltage source to a current. What is the load impedance of your circuit?

    Or else just use the left-hand circuit in your attachment...
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    If I use a resistor to convert to current, wouldn't the transimpedance amplifier become an inverting amplifier as the resistor will be in series at the input?

    Is there a way to connect up the left hand side current output the the input at the right hand side?
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    Any suggestions?
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    Does this thread from early February help?


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    The circuit from the thread you have given me, is the same mine with R2 removed.

    I'm not sure how to carry this out using my circuit, or another other method.

    For my circuit,
    - The left side circuit need to the 2 points to be connected for current to flow
    - But right side circuit has only one current input point to -ve input
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