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How do I get into Low Powered Radio?

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    I want to know how to begin legally getting into LP Radio. I want to learn how to set up a system, get a license and all the works. Does anyone know where I should start? I already saw the FCC FM radio application and it is insanely huge, but if anyone can decipher what they are saying it could be helpful. I realize the copyright aspects and everything, I just want to do talk shows anyways. (Sort of like c-span radio)
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    I think I read in your previous posts that you are in high school now? Is that right? How long until you head to college? Many colleges have their own low-power radio station for campus, and you could apply to help out with the station, and eventually get a DJ slot or do a talk radio show like you mention.

    If there is a college in your town now, you may still be able to ask them if you can help out. I can imagine that the FCC application is pretty big!

    Another option for radio comm is to get your HAM license (see my footer). But you don't use HAM radio for talk show stuff. It's a good way to learn about building and using radios, though. :smile:
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    There's a community college which I'm actually already apart of. I have my ID. I am in high school and college at the same time. I graduate in about 4 months from High school. Good idea though, maybe I should check out if they have one, I believe they do actually. However though, I want to later on make my own station. When it comes to HAM radio, I've heard of it before. It's like talking peer to peer to people right?
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    That's exactly what a H.S. friend of mine did as a freshman while working on his BA in Radio-TV-Film. It was still a carrier current station then.

    It looks like there are a lot of campus radio stations but what surprised me where the number of High School radio stations.
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    If there is a children's hospital in your area, they may be looking for volunteers for their in-house radio station.

    I imagine your spare time would be limited, but this work is pretty rewarding if you like working with kids.
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    It sounds like you are on a great track :smile:

    Yes, HAM radio is basically peer-to-peer and dedicated to emergency communications. It can be used for routine comm when there is no emergency.

    What kind of requirements does the FCC have for starting up a low-power commercial radio station? Or does it have to be non-profit?
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    According to the above link, you must be non-profit. Also I just found out, my local community college doesn't have a radio station. They use to though.
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    Anyone else have any ideas for places to check out?
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