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Designing a low-power FM radio transmitter

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    i have been given six weeks to design a low-power FM radio transmitter for my project however there are no lectures for this course so i have to do the research on my own. so far from researching on the web. i have found that a simple radio transmitter may consist of a number of stages such as:

    audio buffering
    colpitts oscillator
    decoupling capacitors
    frequency amplifiers
    matching circuit

    i was wondering if anyone here is familiar with radio design and could lead me to a good textbook, website or article where i could gain sufficient knowledge to begin this project
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    What level in school are you and how sophisticated does your design have to be? Which of the stages you mention are you not comfortable designing? You should be asking yourself questions such as "How much deviation do I need?" and "How many kHz/volt deviation will my modulator provide?" That will tell you how much audio gain you need. Knowing how much power out you need and the RF gain per stage will tell you how many RF stages you need.

    I know how ubiquitous the internet is but have you tried your library?

    The best book I have seen for some of the things you are asking for is
    Small-Signal RF Amplifier Design ... By Christopher Bowick

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