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How do I learn balanced equations?

  1. Feb 26, 2008 #1
    Some inorganic reactions are so tough to balance that keeping the tight timing of exams in mind, I'm forced to learn the whole equation alongwith the stoichiometric equation which makes it very difficult for me to memorize many equations.

    in organic chemistry, very rarely is the equation balanced.. and hence i can learn almost 2-3 times more reactions with organic chem. rather than inorganic chem.

    what do u suggest i do?
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    If you can not eyeball the balanced equation after 1 minute, then chances are the reaction is a redox reaction. Redox reactions are incredibly difficult to balance if you don't know the proper procedure. Monitor oxidation numbers. If there is a change, then it is a redox reaction. Once you identify a redox reaction take the following steps.

    1.) split into half reactions

    2.) Balance all of the atoms except O and H

    3.) balance the O's with H20

    4.) balance H's with H+

    5.) balance the charge with electrons.

    6.) combine half reactions, cancel out electrons.

    Should give you the balanced reaction.
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