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How do I make a weight feel heavier?

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    How do I make a weight feel heavier?
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    Re: weight

    'Weight' is another name for the force of gravity, and it is determined by properties of the earth (mass and size). This is why, for example, objects weight less on the moon than they do on the earth.
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    Re: weight

    Don't do anything with your arms for about a week.
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    Re: weight

    W= mg

    You can increase the mass of the object (which is more reasonable) than trying to raise the
    gravity force while you're on Earth.
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    Doc Al

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    Re: weight

    When you talk about making a weight "feel" heavier, I presume you are talking about the apparent weight of the object, not its true weight. (Apparent weight = the magnitude of the contact force supporting the object; true weight = the earth's gravitational force on the object.)

    To change the apparent weight, accelerate the object.
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