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How do i solve this problem based on magnetic data and the poles?

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    i have a question that involves geographic coordinates of a city and magnetic data here it is:
    compare geomagnetic and geographic latitude to determine whether a city is closer to geographic of geemagnetic pole. the geographic coordinates are 75.55W and 45.40N. the horizontal and vertical magnetic field components are 17277.0, -4403.6 and 52474.2 (in nanoteslas).
    does anyone know how i can do this? is there a certain equation? i have an idea how to and it involves finding the geographic coordinates of the magnetic north pole, but i dont know how to do this either. anyone know how?
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    This sounds like a homework question. If it is, then try it in the Homework Help Forum, where it will get better results.
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    Yes, if you knew the co-ordinates of the geomagnetic north pole you would know if it your location was closer to that or closer to the geographic north pole - provided you had a globe handy or could "do the math". I don't think you even need to use the magnetic field components. I don't know the co-ordinates of the magnetic north pole, but if you're resourceful enough to post this question on this forum I'm sure you can make use of a search engine, like AskJeeves or altavista or that other one that people sometimes use but I can't remember what it's called.
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    The Geomagnetic North Pole is measured by the Geological Survey of Canada, approximately every decade, and then estimated from that. It was last measured in 2001 and its cordinates are found here:
    http://gsc.nrcan.gc.ca/geomag/nmp/northpole_e.php [Broken]
    Just for your info the pole moves!
    The geographic north is at 90 degrees north. Using a great circle route the mag pole is 2681 statue miles or 4318Km and true north is 3060 statue miles and 4927Km from the location given (near Ottawa).
    I can’t help you with the rest of the question.
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