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How do I take [projects from Dev-Cpp to Visual C++]

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    How Do I take projects created in Dev-Cpp and transfer it into Visual C++. I mean they are both C++ projects correct? I tried to open these projects in Visual C++, but they just don't wanna open...erm I mean I can't open them. Help?
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    Create a new project in Visual C++ and add all the source code, data files, etc to it.

    If you used some libraries that were specific to Dev-Cpp, you may have to modify some of your code. You might need to modify the main() or WinMain() function as well (but when you create the project VC++ will generate a main function that works with VCC+, so just cut-and-paste your code into that).

    The format of the "project file" will be specific to each different IDE.
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