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How do people with strabismus (cross eyed) see?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have this friend who has a slight strabismus. His eyes look away from me when speaking, but that means he is actually looking at me. I can understand how these people, brains may learn to ignore certain images and adapt to this condition. But how can his eyes physically look away from me, and still see me. Also in a case where both eyes are crossed, wouldn't it be almost impossible to see properly. Thank you :)
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    I had a wandering eye growing up and had it fixed through the course of three surgeries. One of the surgeries was an over-correction and gave me strabismus. I was actually looking at people, just only with one eye, the off-shift of the other eye makes it look like both eye are collectively looking elsewhere. As a result, one of my eyes is clearly inferior to the other because of the lack of development in my visual processing centers since I was usually not using that one eye. Once it was fixed, I was able to see normally (i.e. with depth perception) but even still if I close my good eye, it's very hard to read text and other fine features.
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