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How do you realize what's moral and what's immoral?

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    How do you realize what's moral and what's immoral? And why do you try not to act immorally?
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    I try to see the larger picture rather than simply weighing an isolated event.....because they and we don't exist in a vacuum. I think http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharisee#.22Pharisees.22_and_Christianity" is an apt example - The Pharisees are rule-obsessed and often seem to lack the spirit in which the rules were written. Jesus scorns them for walking the walk but not talking the talk, essentially. I've read in a few places that this is a Christian twisting of what really went on, but it still exemplifies what I'm trying to say.

    So, it's hard to pin down generalities in that case. My physiology and evolved behavior cause me to not want to cause pain or cheat others (as with all primates). I don't necessarily see secular law as coinciding with my abstract notions, so breaking the law isn't necessarily immoral for me. The only general thing I can say is that when other people are involved, I try to take into consideration what is going to be the most beneficial outcome in the long run - eg allowing pain in the present for what I perceive as benefits in the long run, ie understanding (and with it freedom), opportunity. As a consequence, I'm usually pretty blunt, tho not unnecessarily so. I think the motivating force in my life is to seek truth and understand the relationship between myself and the universe, so I'm not going to balk at causing pain along the way because I see what may come from it as more beneficial. - That seems like the rub of it.

    For me, acting immoral is thumbing my nose at something I respect and am guided by. It's counterproductive to my motivations and is esp unpleasant if it involves hurting others. I could act immorally without hurting others, but it'd be degrading to what I have faith in.
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    I.e., triage.

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    LOL, quirky:smile:
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    The general use of the word triage is sanctioned by the M-W Unabridged dictionary:

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    Appropriate then. I guess the main difference between people,then, is what they view as a success.
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