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How does a electric potatoes peeler work?

  1. Feb 25, 2009 #1
    Hey guys. Just a simple question for you

    How does a electric peeler work? In particular how is it able to rotate the fruit? The spinning action itself I think is not sufficient…maybe for the friction on the cutting plate? In a potatoes peeler the only part that rotate is the plate with the abrasive-cutting coating, while the bowl is firm…
    Any knowledge will be appreciated.

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    Much like a mechanical one, except with a motor:

    EDIT: I recall seeing a how-it's-made type show where industrial scale peeling was accomplished by using a caustic (sodium hydroxide--lye) to soften the outer layers and then tumble / rub them around until the outer layers rubbed away. You could probably do something similar with other fruits / vegetables.
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    hey dude. Thanks for the quick reply. I am a design&enginnering student in italy and i am designing a machine which has to rotate fruit (360°) in order to polish it. So i was thinking to use the same mechanism and layout of the potatoes peller to move-rotate the fruit inside. It will be small as well cause has to be used into a house environment.
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