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How does charge pass through a capacitor in a radio tuner

  1. Jun 26, 2011 #1
    I understand that the simplest tuner you can have is a capacitor and inductor connected in series, and i understand that radio waves use AC current to send signals, and that capacitors block DC current. I think i also understand that an inductor even without an iron core experiences an opposing magnetic force (?) thus clearing the way for electrical resonance via AC current.

    but I am having a hard time visualizing how AC current is passed through a fully charged capacitor. Does the term really mean charges pass through or just that it pulls and pushes the charges already inside the inductor. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but after doing some searching of my own, i came across this confusing writing:

    Since the charging of a capacitor can be thought of as moving charge from one plate DIRECTLY onto the other plate through a potential difference of V, the voltage between the capacitor plates.

    because i though a capacitor only stored voltage. I did not know electrons could jump from one plate to the other, because that does not make sense to me
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    they don't mean that the charge goes directly from one plate to the other. If you charge a capacitor with a battery, the charge goes from one plate, through the wires and the battery to the other plate.
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