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B How does light interact, and travel through Solid matter as

  1. Mar 4, 2016 #1
    How does light interact, and travel through Solid matter as matter gets thicker, in width.?

    In the absorbion, and emission process of light, hitting electrons, I do not really understand that much, about electron energy levels, and how they change when a lot of atoms become molecules, and them those molecules become solid matter.
    I think eV levels for electrons change when single atoms become molecules, and matter.
    I need ro get a idea of how eV changes in electrons, as atoms come together in groups in molecules, and solid matter.
    so if you have a single atom, then add more atoms in a line up to a micron in width, then add more atoms up to a millimeter.
    How is light going to behave as more and more atoms are added in a line, then becoming a molecules, and then solid matter, and hpw do the electrons eV levels change as more atoms are added.
    Thank you for your help, anything helps even a few words.
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    Simon Bridge

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    For what happens to the energy levels as you add more atoms, look up "band theory of solids".

    ...depends on the atoms. The description will depend on the model you want to use.
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