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How does myocardial infarction cause retention of urine?

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    Hello everyone,

    How does this occur. I'm talking about retention (eg urine stuck in bladder) not the pre renal failure which myocardial infarction can obviously cause.

    Also while we are at it, I also read diuretics can cause retention of urine also. That's interesting because that defeats their purpose in the first place. So how do diuretics also cause urine retention.

    Thanks :smile:
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    I googled "myocardial infarction decreased urine output" and found a lot of information there.
    Are you looking for something special?

    Usually it is a malfunction of the kidneys which can have many reasons.
    In the event of a myocardial infraction, Wiki says it's due to disturbed blood supply.
    Concerning diuretics in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diuretic is much information including retention.
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    @fresh_42: Thanks for the response. I'm not talking about reduced urine output, as I said in first post, cardiac insufficiency due to MI can obviously cause low output renal failure. What I'm asking is why does MI cause urine to retain in bladder. Is this due to some stress respone.
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    Sorry, haven't found any correlations except that MI increases the risk for bladder cancer and as common side-effects of some drugs as Clozapine or Diazepam. If I were a P.D. I would search the list of heart enzymes that are produced by a MI and see, if they may cause urine retention. Otherwise I seriously doubt there is a connection.
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