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How long will my job last?

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    I developed applications for a VOIP company (registering users, provisioning,... etc). I have finished all my work withing 4 months but every time I am close to finish (like after working days on implementing some functionality), my employer changes his mind and decides not to have that functionality / get something new for implementation.

    It seems like it would last forever! :rofl:
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    Welcome to the world of software ......
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    Hey, at least you get paid right?
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    yep! :approve:

    But, it's definitely not nice to make those changes :grumpy:
    And, I hate bugs :frown::grumpy::cry:

    I wonder if all engineering jobs are like that? (Just after you finished something, boss comes and ask for changes)
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    Didn't you get the memo about the cover sheets on the new TPS reports? :confused:
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    lol, I am not working for that big company! :rofl:
    It's just one person and his wife managing the entire thing (they have other jobs and manage this as part time).

    So, it's just me who do all planning, implementation, and testing. He helps me understanding the specifications and performs end to end testing. It was actually pretty cool job because all my other friends were workings as QA's (boring ... but less responsibility and headaches)
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    See, the thing is, we're putting new cover sheets on all our new TPS reports. So if you could do that from now on, that would be greattt.
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    Software means never having to say you are finished.
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    Yep! :rofl:

    I tried to say it many times ..:cry:

    <he said some company has been working on this software for over 10 years>
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    The software I work on has been around since the 1980s. Military software lasts forever.
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