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A How mirror/camera/tv work without human eye like system?

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    Mirror/camera/TV etc. don't have a complex visual cortex system/perception like our eyes. Human eyes use rod,cone,neuron and above all perception of brain to make image. How come these devices create the same clear images/scenes at their surfaces by themselves without having the advance eye-brain system like human beings? A photo-detect software can detect and recognize image and a mirror even don't have any mechanical/digital part. Its so easy for materials to create image but so complex for eyes to create image. Is it?
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    None of the biological "components" mentioned are used to create the image.
    The image is created by the lens in the eye, which image is projected on the retina. Same as done by any lens or lens system in optical instruments.
    Everything else (neurons, etc) is used to detect, transmit and interpret the information.
    The role of these is played by CCD sensor and computers for the man-made eyes. Or just sensitive film in the older times.
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    I think you are mixing meanings here. If the image is what the brain makes of the light, then it is always the brain that is making the image. Mirrors only change the path of the light ultimately making the image. Cameras are a bit more complicated, but we engineer them (along with video screens) to get our brain to make the image we want.
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