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How much does weight affect re-entry into the atmosphere?

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    Sorry if this is a dumb question. How much of an impact does weight have on reentry? I know it's extremely important on lift off due to fuel costs but is it any different on reentry? Are there certain trajectories calculated for different weights?
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    A more massive vehicle has greater inertia which it must dispose of to reach the ground safely.
    It will take longer for the atmosphere to slow it down.
    I guess this is factor which is taken account when determining the best angle for re-entry, and it would also be a consideration when designing ancilliary gear need for re-entry, such as the braking parachutes.
    (This is assuming that the plan is to recover the vehicle and it's contents, in other cases the plan would be to ensure that a re-entering satellite does mostly burn up and poses a minpmum risk of large parts arriving on the ground.
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